The Extras Your Pet Can Receive During Pet Sitting

If you are searching for a reputable pet kennel that can take care of your pet during the time you are not around, make sure the one you pick offers extra services. To make it more comfortable for you, we, at Trademark Boarding Kennels, have prepared a list of some of the services you can ask for from your pet sitting service provider.

puppySpecial Food

Your pet will surely love an extra-special meal. Some pet sitting establishments offer treats of high quality food for your pet. Usually, you can also ask if they can sell some to you for later use.

Special Treats

Some pets enjoy sweets more than anything, especially dogs. Your pet kennel should offer treats, such as ice cream with dog biscuits or other sweets.

Nail Trim

If your pet has nails, and it has no restrictions on how to use them, you can ask to have them clipped. Certified professionals who know how to treat your pet gently will take care of it in a careful manner.

Exit Bath

You can ask for an exit bath, so when your pet leaves the establishment, it will smell and feel great. A professional groomer will take care of your pet in a professional manner.

If you are located in the territory of Evansville, IN, and you are looking for a reputable place to leave your pet, we are the right choice for you. Our employees know how to satisfy your pets in a gentle manner that will meet your requirements, and that makes us the rational choice for you. Contact us on (812) 471-4383, to acquire the skills of our qualified professionals!

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