Give Your Pets the Best Pet Boarding Treatment

Do you happen to be going on a long office trip or visiting a relative at a distant place? Most times you are able to bring your lovely pet with you. However, when it is not possible, your dog will need a pet boarding service.

Pet BoardingTrademark Boarding Kennels is a pet boarding company that specializes in treating your best friend the right way. Since 1999, we have been providing pet owners in Evansville, IN a secure place for their pets. From comfy beds to delicious food, we have everything ready to keep your dog happy and safe.

Our pet boarding care is handled by the best team. We love animals, so we see to it that they get the right treatment all the time. We are great at handling your dog. If you have specific requests for your pet, we will gladly accommodate it. Have a professional take care of your dog.

Our facilities are well-maintained. They are sanitized and cleaned on a regular basis. You do not have to worry about your pet getting an infection. Also, we provide room for socializing. We make sure your dog gets enough interaction to prevent boredom. From daily walks to fun games, have our team treat your dog the right way.

Avail of our services and have your dog stay with us as long as 3 weeks. No matter what the reason is, unexpected travels or otherwise, we are the experts you need for your pet. Get our dog boarding service whenever you are away. There is no other professional you want for your dogs but us.

The reputable pet boarding company in Evansville, IN is Trademark Boarding Kennels. Call us at (812) 471-4383 if you have questions and other concerns. Visit us with your pet to get a chance to look at our facilities today. You are welcome to stop by anytime.